Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love.   Lao Tzu


Melissa, your photography blows me away every picture I see!  I know none of your subjects, yet every photo I feel touched as though they are part of my own family/friends. Thank you for all the continued warm feelings you inspire through your art.

Emmie Lou

Thank you for being with us today to capture such special moments. We felt so comfortable having you at our birth. In such a strange sterile environment you felt like family. You not only have an amazing talent, you also have something that can’t be taught which is a strong connection with people. Thats why you are so good at what you do.


You are a very close runner up to my choice of “Woman of the year!” Just piped at the post by that woman you so beautifully photographed and displayed on the hospital wall (my wife)! You are amazing, and, as I’m sure so many other loving family’s you touch with your heart and soul tell you, you are, and always will be a part of ours!


Oh my goodness!!! I am blown away, speechless and have only seen two photos so far! I somehow need you to feel what I feel when I look at these moments you have captured! They are more than a photo! My words will never come close to describing it, I will never be able to thank you enough. You are one hell of a talented, gifted beautiful woman. We are so lucky to have you as part of our journey. We love you!


After seeing your exhibition at The SCPH, I have visited your website multiple times & I finally had a chance to show my husband. We both think you truly have a gift for capturing something in each photo that makes every one of them so special, and a point of difference from all others in your profession.


Melissa photographed our daughter’s home birth in November 2013. Initially, we thought having a photographer at a birth would be a little obtrusive in our private space, but it was going to mean a lot to us to have photos of this special occasion, so we invited Melissa to do her thing. We are so glad we did! Melissa was both professional and personable. This was one of the most intimate times in our lives as a family and Melissa’s work not only captured that intimacy but in doing so, also preserved it forever in her images. And we couldn’t have hoped for more beautiful images! Melissa was sensitive & preserved our dignity throughout the birth; never did we feel our space was encroached on or disrupted by her presence. Nor did I feel my physical privacy was violated. Each photo was beautiful in its own right, but also for the memory & stage of the process that it embodied. As the birthing woman I was now able to see our daughter’s arrival from perspectives I would never have seen otherwise, but Melissa also managed to capture almost the exact view I remember of first seeing my baby – amazing & so precious immortalised ‘on film’! Viewing the vision of the event moved me to tears the first dozen or so times I looked at our photos afterwards (…& often still, if I’m honest!). You only have your first child, that first birthing experience, once in a lifetime. But every love-filled detail will be remembered forever, thanks to Melissa, and we could easily have her back to immortalise each subsequent birthing experience in our future as a family. What she has is a gift that she gives with love & dedication, & we are so grateful xo

Sarah (my very first home birth 2013)

We are so glad we found Melissa Jean. She did amazing job from the moment we met her. She has such an easy going personality, which put our whole family at ease, and was so amazing with our children. It was a natural experience, with no pressure to pose, we could just all be ourselves and enjoy the moment as she snapped around, without us realising. She captured us all in our natural beauty, even when the children were not on there best behaviour she captured them perfectly. We were so blown away with all our photo’s that Melissa presented to us. Every photo resembles our family and shows each individual personality of our children, which is not replaceable. She is such a talented photographer & a beautiful human being.


I stumbled across your page in my feed tonight, I have to say I have sat here for the whole hour going through your albums and they are totally & utterly beautiful. The best I have ever seen, by far… I love your style!