“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” John Bunyan.

As a photographer, the emotional reward is what keeps my passion alive. To make people smile (and cry) for a living really is a dream come true. In saying that, I crave a level of satisfaction far greater than this. I want to know that by me pursuing my dream, I can help contribute to the dreams of others.

For a decade I’ve been capturing images of joy, preserving the most precious days of our lives.

Through travelling I am very aware of those whose lives that are less than wonderful; the children who live in indescribable poverty, the young girls sold into the sex trade, the women who don’t get a choice for safe birth.

In July 2014 i found one of the most significant parts of my business… B1G1 Business for Good. My Lifetime Partnership with B1G1 means that every time a family purchases my work i give a portion of this sale to a variety of worthy causes (there is ONLY 1000 to choose from). It could be that 100 children get access to water for life; it could be that a young girl who is rescued from the sex trade recievies education to give her a future, or that a family gets a goat or tools to give them a sustainable income.

If every business (big or small) got on board with this organisation, imagine the positive impact we could make to those less fortunate. To me this is the missing piece of the puzzle & I am so grateful for all of my beautiful clients who by valuing  my images, directly contribute to making the world a better place.

You can see what i have been gifting to those in need right here…